What’s Wrong With Your Hair & How To Fix It

I must get personal with you. It’s about your hair. And you’re not going to like it.

This is not just about me and you. It’s what everyone thinks of you when they see your hair.

What DOES everyone think of you when they see your hair? What is their first impression? Are you well-off?  Or are you too broke (or too lazy) to take care of your hair? Are you organized and confident?

Or do you never complete anything and have zero self esteem? Are you emotionally stable and moving forward in your life?

Or do you have off putting hygiene and mental issues that would make most people walk across the street or play "pac man" ducking down the next grocery aisle to avoid you?

Those are some harsh personal questions. Why I would I go there!

Your Hair Forms Powerful First Impressions!

Don’t kill the messenger. It might not be fair but…

People absolutely judge your intelligence level, socioeconomic status, even mental stability on your hair alone.

Whether it’s the first time someone ever sees you ever or the first they’ve seen you in years.

The blind date. The job interview. And, "oh no!" You’re probably wondering if you should go now to the high school reunion. Reunions can be brutal. Actually reunions ARE brutal. Everyone looking for something wrong with you to make themselves feel better.

A debutant can look like trash. A rough-around-the-edges heavy drinker can look like a well-meaning, just tired and hardworking achiever…with the wrong or right hair.

I saw the ex of a neighbor of mine once, for the first time. Until that moment, I heard tales of craziness – private scream sessions, public scenes, broken dishware, and enough paranoia to fill a Stephen King book. Just like on a horror movie.

He left her the only way he could: he snuck out like a thief in the night. Even paid her rent for a year to remove any excuse for him to contact him in any way.  "Okay" I thought. "there are two sides to every story" or "perhaps he’s justifying sneaking out like a rat." 

Then I SAW her for the first time…

Let me tell you. The hair! Uncombed. Disheveled. A ponytail AT LEAST 4 days old. Hair unbrushed, untouched since the ponytail was first assembled. It was quite literally unbelievable.  I did the only thing I could do….. I made the assessment, on-the-spot, before she opened her mouth.

My neighbor was not exaggerating.  The hair told me everything. Like an uncontrolled emotional response, I made my final, lasting assessment: You would have to be nuts to go out in public like that. The one year’s rent he paid…worth every penny.

How shallow is that? How fair is that? About as fair as a sudden illness, injury or natural disaster but a cold hard fact of life. Sorry

I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of me" you might say. "I am Zen with who I am. I am not shallow. I am not trying to impress you or anyone else!" Got it! Noble, yes…. until you need to find a job, seek a promotion, find yourself in the dating market or invited to an important exciting event.

Whatever the case, you cannot establish credibility in a situation when it appears you cannot care for your appearance.

Your Hair Represents Who You Are

Your hair represents personal hygiene and affects how potential mates, employers, and friends view who you are. Super clean but discolored, dry, aging hair can look dirty. Unkempt hair will sabotage social opportunities, relationships, your career, YOUR INCOME.

We all want to look good and healthy. Most of us want even to be healthy, to have genuinely healthy hair.

Many of us are confident in who we are but draw the line at sloppy and "unassuming."

So, why do we let ourselves go? Why do we settle for mediocre hair?

Beautifying and maintaining hair is a great big pain in the neck. It’s time-consuming and expensive. And the beautification – the cut, color, moisturizing treatment, etc, they never last. All that time and money go straight down the drain and you got nothing!

*Maintaining hair can be an uphill battle, just out of your reach?

* Sometimes we spend hundreds of dollars and the hair looks worse

*We spend hundreds of dollars. The hair looks Hollywood ready for a short while, then the roots come back and we’re sporting "the juvenile detention" look and looking at spending more money, forever.

*After we spend all these hundreds, thousands over the next few years, the hair breaks or has a build-up of products. You are forced to go natural once again and look like you’ve been living in a cave just to get it healthy again.

We still have to go to work, out to dinner, etc. Life goes on.

What’s Really Wrong With Your Hair

Do we stop using the good hair products and start shopping at the dollar store because it doesn’t matter anyway? No! Absolutely not.

Cheap hair products are never the solution. There is a brand that was pulled off the shelf in the 90’s, very popular, cheap, because overtime, it caused people’s hair to fall out.

Hang on to the good stuff because there is a solution. But first, let’s get to the bottom of this.

The chemicals on my upscale shampoo bottle are pure, maybe even organic.  I am moisturizing on a regular basis. I am stripping my hair of product build-up. So why is my hair dull, sticky, dry, etc?


Every single time you put your hair under chemically treated water, you damage it.

It’s no mystery. It’s not you or your DNA. It’s your water! Most of us may as well be washing our hair in a swimming pool.

As a matter of fact, many people do more damage to their hair in their own shower than they do in a chlorinated pool.

I bet some people would get better results for their hair, if they did bathe in a pool.

How about you? Would you bathe every day in a chlorinated swimming pool?

How do you think your hair would look? Better or worse?

In a pool! That’s crazy! Chemicals. Chlorine. GROSS! Your hair would be dry sticky, lifeless, have a funny color…Sound familiar?

You must wash your hair in clean fresh water! Everybody knows that.

But guess what.

You ARE washing your hair in "pool water" or worse!

As a matter of fact, most people’s shower water is MORE treated than pool water.

Every-day water is the reason your hair is dry and lifeless. Every day innocent looking water is the reason your grey hair will not hold on to the expensive hair colors. The real reason your hair will never be clean and healthy. The reason you have more bad-hair days than good.

The truth:

Your Hair Is Never Clean!

The water in your home that comes from your city or county is treated with chlorine and other harsh-for-you-hair chemicals. Your house, your neighbor’s house even the water at YOUR SALON – it’s all treated. It has to be to remove the harmful stuff in the water. It’s a necessary evil. So your stuck!

THERE IS A SOLUTION that doesn’t involve extreme measures. A healthy solution that wont cost thousands of dollars and heartache and frustration.

There is a healthy solution that will make your hair look better whether you treat your hair or not.

The solution starts with REAL…… clean…… water. YOUR water.

"But water is over-treated. Clean water no longer exists" you might say.

Yes in a big world of busy people, complex infrastructures, clean water can exist.

Genuine pure water in your shower is the only solution to clean your hair thoroughly without drying it out. Perfectly clean water is the only thing that will make your nice hair products work for you – to clean, moisturize, even color our hair and have it look noticeably nice and healthy, and staying that way.

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for nurturing your hair with the purest water available (regardless of the current water situation in your home).

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Author: marykay

CEO of VisionRise Industries. Mother, wife, animal lover and martial artists. I love doing my part to help others and I'm here for any of your questions.