Valve Test

Testing Apparatus

In the following video, you can see how we perform out test. We have a hose hooked up to a piping system where we attach the diverter valve. The water pressure is approximately 40 PSI

Testing Method

You can see here how we test the valve. The valve opening at 90 degrees is what we are testing because this opening is what will go into our shower filter.

The other opening on valve is covered with an end cap (which has drilled holes). We are not as concerned about the flow rate coming out of this opening (opening with end cap) because it's only used be customer to set water temperature. Once preferred temperature is set, customer uses switch on diverter valve to divert all water into shower filter. You can see explanation of the end cap in the following photo:

Other Company's Valve

Here you can see the valve we acquired from another company. In this video test, you can see the valve fills up a gallon container in about 16 seconds at 40 PSI. So, this valve has a flow rate of about 4 gallons per minute.

Valve From Your Company

Here is flow rate test from the valve we acquired from your company. You can see it takes about 30 seconds for your valve to fill up a gallon. So, according to our test, the flow rate of your valve is about 2 gallons per minute. I'm not sure how you are testing valve, but as mentioned before, we really need a flow rate of  at least 3.2 Gallons Per Minute (and 3.5 GPM is even better). Here is test of your valve: