Why should you shower with a filter?

Why should you shower with a filter?

Water is the elixir of life on Planet Earth. Our bodies are up to 80% water. Water replenishes our vital organs and cleanses us of harmful toxins. Water purifies our skin and hair and creates that "head turning" beauty that so many people crave.

But, as you probably know, there is a sneaky monster inside of almost every single drop of public tap water. Widespread research indicates the pollutants overwhelming our water supply contribute to cancer, birth defects, immune system illnesses and many other serious health problems.

Consumers spend over $250 billion a year on bottled water to escape the effects of polluted tap water.

The water coming to our homes is so bad, multiple government agencies recommend filtering all water before consumption. Even if your water looks and smells clean, your water still poses many dangers to you and your loved ones, especially to children.

Hopefully you are filtering your drinking water or purchasing bottled water, but did you know the water in your shower poses more health risks than the water you drink?! Here are the primary reasons you should start filtering your shower water today:

1. There are many disease-causing toxic chemicals found in shower water

The water that flows from your local sanitation service into your home is likely overflowing with toxic pesticides, volatile organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, industrial wastes, and chlorine.

Out of the over 116,000 man-made documented chemicals that can be in your shower water, the public water sanitation services only attempt to remove about 30 of these chemicals.

In a recent study by Environmental Working Group, tests were analyzed from nearly 50,000 US water utilities in all 50 states. 267 contaminants were discovered coming out of the faucet in the average US home.

Chlorine is usually the most destructive chemical in your shower water. It is a necessary evil that is good at killing pathogens in your water, BEFORE they reach your home. But drinking and bathing in chlorine opens you up to all kinds of issues. Chlorine is so deadly that it was actually used as a chemical weapon in several wars, including the Iraq War.

The chlorine and other chemicals present in bathing water are linked to various cancers, birth defects, and a multitude of other health issues. It’s likely much worse than you realize:

  • According to Cornell University, in the United States alone there are over 250 million metric tons of toxic chemicals released into the environment every year. Much of this pollution finds its way back into our water supplies and right back into the shower water of your home.

  • Several studies indicate exposure to chlorinated water increases your risk of breast, kidney, bladder, and rectal cancers, skin conditions like eczema, and respiratory issues like asthma.

  • Fluoride is being added to most municipal water systems and is linked to brain damage, childhood mental development issues, bone cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, and hormonal imbalances.

  • Pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, pain killers and other drugs are in most sources of public drinking water.

  • Children, with their smaller developing bodies, are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of public tap water. Drinking and bathing in this water has resulted in neurological issues, respiratory issues, cancer, and other devastating illnesses for children.

  • Even if your water is supplied by a personal well, you are exposed to heavy metals, unsafe levels of pesticides like Atrazine, and other industrial chemicals which are linked to various cancers, birth defects and other serious health problems.

As you can see, even if your unfiltered bath water looks, smells, and taste pure, it is not. If you are receiving your water from a municipal water system, the chances are that your water poses many dangers to you and your loved ones.

2. Your body absorbs more toxic chemicals when taking a shower than when you drink 1 glass of the same water

The skin is your body's largest organ. It is highly absorbent and acts as a large sponge soaking in chlorine and other poisonous chemicals when you bathe.

Not only is chlorine easily absorbed into our skin, but it’s also converted into vapor when you shower. This allows chlorine and other chemicals to become inhaled directly into our lungs where it is then transferred into your blood stream.

For example, do you remember chloroform, the "knock-out gas" in the movies? Chloroform is created when the chlorine in your hot shower water is vaporized. Not only can small concentrations of chloroform cause fatigue, long-term exposure to chloroform is linked to serious health issues.

Whether it’s through absorption into your skin or through inhalation, studies show you can soak up to 100 times more toxic chemicals when taking a shower, compared to drinking one glass of the same water.

Several studies, like those published in the National Library of Medicine, even indicate a greater risk of cancer and other problems from bathing in unfiltered water, compared to the problems associated to only drinking this same water.

3. Unfiltered shower water steals the beauty from your hair and skin

Every time you take a shower in unfiltered water, you are essentially “chemically burning” your skin and hair. This leads to premature aging, skin conditions, and damaged hair.

It only makes sense that filtering your shower water is a crucial step you must take towards better hair and skin – just as important as using lotions, cremes, oils, special conditioners, and expensive treatments.

When you simply stop exposing your body every day to the harsh chemicals in your shower, your hair and skin are allowed to repair themselves, getting you back to that natural beauty.

Here are just some of the ways chlorine and other chemicals damage your hair and skin:

  • Approximately 100 million Americans have some form of skin disease or disorder including eczema, psoriasis, melanoma, and other skin cancers – many of these conditions are linked to and/or agitated by showering with unfiltered water.

  • The chemicals in municipal tap water dry out your skin, which accelerates aging and discomfort.

  • Chlorine splits hydrogen from water causing the release of nascent oxygen and hydrogen chloride. This toxic gas oxidizes human skin. This process is similar to the same way rust deteriorates bare metal. So, every time you take a shower in unfiltered water, you are essentially rusting your skin. This leads to premature wrinkles.

  • Hot showers open the pores of your skin. This allows chlorine to invade deeper into your skin, attacking it on a molecular level.

  • Your sensitive skin microbiome consists of healthy microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. Chlorine and other chemicals in your bath water destroy the balance of this microbiome, causing temporary and sometimes permanent damage to your skin.

  • Cosmetically, chlorine is abrasive and strips your skin of its protective oils and proteins. This dries out your skin and results in cracking, itchiness, and irritation.

  • Chlorine bonds to the protein of your hair which destroys its natural bounce and body – this results in hair that is brittle, frizzy, and dry.

  • Just a chlorine strips your SKIN of natural oils, it also strips your HAIR of its oils, leaving it limp.

  • Because chlorine hardens your water, more shampoo and conditioner are necessary to get any results.

In the United States alone, consumers spend over $43.6 billion dollars a year on beauty care products. If you invest your hard earned money on these types of products, it only makes sense to get the most out of your investment.

When you start using the right shower filter, you finally STOP TRAUMATIZING your hair and skin with toxic shower water. This allows your favorite natural beauty products to work much better.

The benefits of your beauty products won't be canceled out by chlorine and the other harsh chemicals found in unfiltered bath water. This is why using a premium shower filter could be the most important step towards more beautiful hair and skin.

These combined reasons are why you must filter your shower water. The health and beauty of your family depends on it!

But all shower filters are not created equal

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