Shower Diverter Valve

Shower Diverter Valve

We need a diverter valve for our Shower Filter.

So you understand, this is how we install the diverter valve on our shower filter (see illustration below):

We are using this diverter valve on our shower filter to allow our customers to adjust the water temperature. When water is running through shower filter, it is difficult to adjust water temperature because of water flow delay created by the filter. By running water through an alternative valve first, customer can adjust the water temperature. Then, customer can divert the water flow through the shower filter (see illustration below):

Just for reference, please understand the PVC End Cap screwed onto diverter valve doesn't control anything. It doesn't block water. It has tiny holes simply to make the water flow more smoothly (see illustration below):

We need a diverter valve with the following features:

1. Must be brass, not ABS plastic

2. Must be Chrome Plated

3. All threads must be NPT (National Pipe Thread)

4. The thread on your valve which appears to be like a nut must be turnable with a wrench or pliers. Our customers will tighten this nut/thread onto their shower filter pipes in their homes. The thread with the turning nut must be 1/2 inch NPT. The other two threads must also be 1/2 inch NPT. Please see attached illustration below for explanation:

5. On the thread which screws to the shower pipe (which has the turning nut), the inside must NOT be beveled. The inside ridge also needs to be wider. A ridge that is NOT beveled and that is WIDER will allow us to insert a rubber washer (our own washer). Please see attached illustration below for explanation:

6. On thread which has turning nut, instead of nut being rounded, the nut itself must have more defined edges. This allows customers to turn nut more easily with pliers or wrench. Please see illustration below for explanation:

7. On the valve thread opposite of the valve switch, we must have No Lip on this thread. Please see illustration below for explanation:

8. The turnable switch on valve should never cut off water. It just needs to switch the opening between outlet A and B (see illustration below for explanation). Also, water should never run "all the time" through A or B. Water should ONLY go through either A or B (one at a time).

9. In the past, we were easily selling 7,000 filters a week, so we are looking for a company who can fulfill our orders.

10. We were up to 7000 sales a week, but if valve is good match for us, we will start off with a few hundred, then 500, 1000, 1500, etc. We want to have customers test valve for a while before any large numbers. Once we build up inventory and determine demand, orders will be larger (5000, 10000, 20000, etc). Please send pricing details for smaller orders and pricing details for larger bulk orders.

11. In our experience, ocean freight can easily take 30-45 days. It's critical that the first few orders of valves can be sent to us quickly, with a lead time of 2-15 days. I'm assuming this will require air freight? Please send shipping rates/options for air freight. We will likely only use Air freight for smaller orders such as 300, 500, 800, 1000, 1500. etc.

12. Once we get inventory built up, we will order larger quantities by ocean freight such as 10000, 20000, etc. Please send shipping rates/options for ocean freight.

13. Before we order any number of valves, we need at least 1 sample (2-5 is better). This will allow us see how the valve fits on our shower filter. Please send details on how we may quickly acquire samples.

14. We know in the last 2 years new Tariffs have been added for some products between USA and China. Since we are in the USA, will we have to pay tariffs on these diverter valves, and if so, how much per valve?

We don't need a package for diverter valve. We have our own. We will per-assemble valve onto our shower filter and ship in our own package. We also do not need a Logo lasered. Keeping price down is more important than any of these features.

Thank you for reading this description and let me know if you have any other questions.