VisionRise Rewards

VisionRise Awards

To show our appreciation for contributing, you can earn VisionDollars which can be used as payment when ordering our products.

Each VisionDollar is equivalent to $1 USD, so if you earn $25 VisionDollars, you will receive a full $25 USD credit the next time you purchase one of our products.

There are few ways you can earn VisionDollars on our website:

  • Sharing our blog posts, articles, and products to your social media fans.

  • Giving a product review to one of our products that you have purchased.

  • Submitting a comment to one of our educational blog posts or articles.

  • Other offers that we will present to you (some restrictions may apply).

When you use our social sharing buttons or make a product review, our rewards system software will instantly add VisionDollars to your account. When you make your next purchase, your VisionDollars will automatically be available at checkout.

When you have an account with us, your VisionDollars can be found on the dashboard of your account area.

To redeem VisionDollars at your next purchase, you must be logged into to your VisionRise Account. Also, our software will verify all social media posts and reviews before and after granting awards.

Note: VisionDollars may be deducted for unfair behavior, in the event of junk posts, suspicious activity, etc. In the event of a discrepancy, VisionRise will decide the final outcome of any situation involving VisionDollars. VisionDollars are also not applicable towards fees already paid. Simply Put: VisionDollars are a gift to you, not an obligation for VisionRise Industries. By participating in our rewards system, you accept and acknowledge these terms.