Marketing Projects

VisionRise Marketing Projects

These are just some of our current and past projects. While much of our work is website based, many of these projects are integrated with print media campaigns, telemarketing and other marketing mediums. While we are showing you the desktop versions, all of the following websites are designed to work on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.


Healthy House Club

This is one of our work-in-progress projects. The company specializes in health and beauty products. This website features a full Ecommerce platform, an online community, a blog, and an extensive membership based login system. The use of sales funnels are a key ingredient of the user experience.

Additionally, the website is integrated with a powerful affiliate program, which tracks all visitors and automatically gives affiliate commissions to participating partners.


BP (British Petroleum) Big Bend Travel Center

The Big Bend Travel Center is one of the largest BP service stations in the North Florida Area. The facility has a full-service fuel station, truck stop, large hotel, gift shop and restaurant. The clients came to us with the desire to modernize their existing website and add features appealing to traveling customers and local clientele. Ongoing meetings with the client allowed us to work smoothly through the process of visioning, planning, and new website creation.

Along with a new and powerful multi-page website, we included such features as Twitter and Facebook integration, new graphics, and a complete online menu of the restaurant. We worked closely with the owners to insure the project was tailored to their desires, and to the needs of their customers.


North Florida Big Bucks

The is a real estate based project which has gone through many changes since it was first launched. The website relies heavily on the use of photo sliders, which can be found on several pages. Google Maps and social media sharing features are integrated throughout the website. A chat system exists for customer interactions. A ticket system was implemented to overcome the issue of reliability with email communication.

Because of the Search Engine Optimization initiated through this website, many visitors were quickly attained through searches on Google, MSN and Yahoo.


Ward 1 Guns

Ward 1 Guns is a full service gun shop specializing in gun sales, gun-smithing services and firearm training. While this site is in progress, the final stage will include a full Ecommerce solution for selling guns, firearm accessories and classes. The manner in which we designed the website allows for a temporary site to exist, while the more extensive site is being developed.

Some Of Our Clients

Although we do make many suggestions throughout the design process, all of our websites are made with the collaboration of each business owner. They make the final decision as to website layout, navigation, and features. We believe you know your customers and your business better than anyone and your input is necessary to get the best results.

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