VisionRise Air Purifier Module Replacement


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Yearly replacement module. Includes new bulb and catalyst target area for renewed purification strength. Does not include the actual VisionRise Air Purifier, which needs to be purchased separately.

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Treatment Area: 300 SQ. FT - 1,500 SQ. FT.
Ozone Output: Less than .04 ppm
UV Output: 8 micro watt per sq. centimeter
Ion Generation: Passive negative UV ions
Controls: On/Off Switch
Dimensions: H 4", W 12", D 8.25"
Weight: 3 lbs.
Material: ABS
Electrical Rating: 120 Volt, 60 Hz, 12 Watts, .1 Am
Made with UL Listed Parts ● Made in USA

Warranty. For original purchaser only. VisionRise Industries warrants this product (the unit minus lighting module) against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. The lamp module within the unit is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year, prorated from the date of purchase.

Damage or failure to unit or lighting module due to shipping/handling, improper use or maintenance, including abuse or neglect, normal wear, accidents, alterations or modifications, or unauthorized repair are specifically excluded from this warranty. No dealer, distributor, agent, representative, or other person is authorized to extend or expand this warranty.

Liability. VisionRise Industries is not legally responsible for personal injury, property damage,  incidental or consequential damages occurring from, or in connection with, the performance, use or misuse of this product, or any part or component of this product, including, but not limited to, the unit, the lighting module, the bulb and materials therein. VisionRise Industries is further not liable for any damage occurring with regards to loss of unit, loss of use, or costs of removal, installation, or re-installation.

Conditions. VisionRise Industries  will, upon its authorization and availability, replace or repair the defective unit or part(s) without charge, provided the original purchaser completes the following steps:

(a) Contact VisionRise Industries to obtain authorization and instructions on how and where to ship the product(s). Contact is to be made one of two ways:
(i) Your user account on the VisionRise Industries website with a letter that includes a description of the problem, order number, purchaser’s name, address and daytime phone number; or
(ii) Contact a VisionRise Industries agent by phone at the number below for authorization and instructions  
(b) Return  the entire product to VisionRise Industries at the address below. VisionRise Industries is the only authorized repair location for this product. VisionRise Industries is not responsible or obligated for reimbursement, warrants or repair of products previously serviced or repaired by unauthorized individuals, businesses and any other agents or facilities;
(c) Original purchaser takes full responsibility for transportation of product, including making pick-up and delivery arrangements and prepayment of all transportation costs;
(d)  Whether initial contact was made by website or by phone, original purchaser must send the following with the product:
(i) A letter that includes a description of the problem, order number, purchaser’s name, address and daytime phone number, and  
(ii) clear and legible copy of dated proof of purchase. Products returned without prior authorization, letter with description, contact information and dated proof of purchase will not be accepted for return or replacement.

Limitations. This limited warranty does not guarantee uninterrupted service. Repair or replacement as provided under this warranty is the sole warranty and exclusive remedy of the purchaser. This warranty supersedes all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use or purpose.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. Your legal rights may vary depending on the state, province or county in which you either reside or use the product. A different warranty may apply outside the United States.  For details, please contact VisionRise Industries.

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