1. I start on the following Test Product Page (see image below). It’s a test product page I creating for demonstrating this issue. Click “add to cart” button to purchase test product. You will get directed to Checkout Page when button is clicked

2. On checkout page, I enter all required information. Checkout uses Authorize.net plugin built by SkyVerge (very reputable) for merchant processing. Checkout page:

3. Once order is placed (10 cent US dollars), I arrive on thank you page. Order goes through successfully, but I am not logged into aMember or WordPress. You can see buttons at top right corner of header indicating I am not logged in. When button says “login” – this indicates I am not yet logged into aMember or WordPress.

4. Here, just for demonstration purposes, I have logged into to aMember account as a user. You can see at top right corner that I am logged in (because button says logout). This “logout” button indicates I am logged in as a user. This is what should happen when a user makes a purchase. This way, they can go to account, send ticket, etc. This is the way our website worked until the last aMember update:

5. Here is a closeup of header section. You can see the buttons indicate whether a user is logged in or logged out: