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Fact: hidden dangers lurking in your home are a serious risk to you and the people you love

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Hi. This is Mary Kay, President and Founder at VisionRise Industries. Are you ready to create an exceptionally healthier home for you and your loved ones?

As you might know, there is a vast amount of scientific knowledge about the secret dangers that exist in the average home.

Whether it's synthetic chemicals, food additives, airborne contaminants, or other various toxins - this is scary stuff that isn't safe for you or your family.

The long-term effects of these contaminants can lead to cancer, respiratory diseases, heart conditions, neurological issues, and more.

And now, we are all under the threat of deadly viruses and bacteria entering our homes, which can have immediate and even deadly effects.

We should all feel safe at home. The "household" is meant to be a sanctuary for us and our loved ones, right? Well, here's the good news...

Health and Wellness is our passion. To help people just like you, we created this 100% Free Healthy Home Guide to share everything we have learned.

Get a series of powerful articles, tutorials, and videos, all containing details steps you can apply now:

  • Learn what the top credible scientific institutions believe are the greatest concerns in your home, and learn what the solutions are for fixing these issues .

  • Get simple steps for minimizing your family's exposure to the toxic chemicals found in most food, furniture, cleaning supplies, building materials, water, air, and clothing - Many of these steps are low-cost, even free.

  • Get a detailed action plan which will help prevent danger from ever reaching your home - this includes proven methods which can stop viruses and bacteria before they ever make it inside.

  • Even if your home is free of the most common household dangers, learn simple strategies for creating a home which actually improves the health of its residents. Discover proven methods to help reduce disease, promote healing, extend life, and more.

You have a right to know how to protect yourself and your family. Let us help!

To really explain everything to you, I've broken the guide into several pieces, with something new available every few days.

You will receive email alerts when a new lesson is available, but you can login to your free VisionRise Membership at anytime to check for updates. This way, you'll get everything even if you miss an email.

When you sign up to the Healthy Home Guide, you'll also get occasional discounts, special offers, and giveaways for some of our premium products. Of course, when signing up, your information is never shared and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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