Make Your Own Healthy Air Freshener & Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Let’s face it. Every house has odors – pet odors, stinky kid shoes, cooking odors, and of course, bathroom odors. When it comes to fighting household smelliness, our customers gain great relief by using our High-Tech Air Purifiers.

The VisionRise Air Purifier doesn’t just “mask” or “contain” the odors in your household air, it DESTROYS the harmful contaminants by oxidizing them. This results in a sweet-smelling freshness throughout your home.

But even when the air has been properly purified, many of us still want a little extra scent to liven things up in the home. Maybe you enjoy a fresh pine scent, citrus, mint, or maybe you are a lavender type of personality.

You can also pick up an air freshener at your local grocery store. You have all types of options ranging from candles, to sprays, to plugin fresheners.

Unfortunately, Most Air Fresheners Are Highly Toxic

Most air fresheners contain numerous hazardous chemicals such as benzene, phthalates, and formaldehyde, among others. When you use an air freshener in your home, these chemicals are in inhaled and are absorbed into the skin.

Companies are not required to disclosure the full list of ingredients in their air fresheners. You will find that most brands use broad terms such as "fragrance,” which may hide dozens of chemicals known to be toxic.

Sure, the chemicals in air fresheners only exist in small amounts. But any exposure to these pollutants, especially long-term exposure, can be a hazard to your health and the people you love.

Multiple studies have shown that long-term exposure to these chemicals can cause damage to the liver, lungs, kidneys, and central nervous system. Many of these chemicals are "hormone disrupters” and can alter the body’s hormones in a harmful manner.

The harsh reality: many air fresheners sold in your locals stores will increase your risk of cancer, asthma, and numerous other health conditions.

Short-term exposure to the chemicals in most air fresheners can cause eye and headaches, allergic skin reactions, dizziness, respiratory irritation, visual impairment, fatigue, and nausea.

Alternatives To Toxic Air Fresheners

Fortunately, there are several healthy options to add wonderful scents to your home without suffering the effects of the hazardous chemicals which are found in most air fresheners.

You have likely seen diffusers, which are electrical appliances which use essential oils. These devices do a great job at filling an area with a pleasurable scent. In fact, "aromatherapy” is a whole philosophy built around this practice.

You should be able to find a good diffuser at a department store in your area. You can also find organic essential oils in an assortment of scents. If you can’t find these things locally, a quick search on Amazon will give you all the options you’ll ever need.

You can us a diffuser with essential oils, but to provide house-wide coverage, you would need a separate diffuser to cover every room in the home.

Do you want a diffuser in the kitchen pantry or your walk-in closet? In most homes, there are many little spaces which an occasional scent would be great, but they just don’t justify the cost or hassle of running a diffuser.

Here Comes The Portable Homemade Air Freshener!

It’s nice to have a spray bottle which allows you to give a portable and instant burst of pleasurable scent to any area within your home. Using essential oils with a few other ingredients as a spray will allow you to accomplish this.

For example, you can keep a sprayer in the bathroom. Instead of running a diffuser in the bathroom all day, you can give the bathroom a couple squirts after it’s used. It’s a simple and quick solution!

Using oils as a spray in this way might not leave a fragrance that’s as long-lasting as the toxic counter-parts, but it’s healthier and you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself and your kids to toxic chemicals.

It’s also affordable! Without spending hardly anything, you can create several bottles throughout your home and office to be used as needed.

Making your own air freshener is incredibly easy. You only need these simple items:

  1. Essential Oils: These can be purchased at most health food stores. You will likely have an enormous choice of fragrances. Some of our favorite suggestions: pine, lavender, lemon, orange, mint, and pine. Try to use organic essential oils because many scented oils are made from petroleum and other toxic ingredients.

    Try to use 40-50 drops in the spray bottle for each cup of water used in the sprayer. You can add less, but the fragrance won’t be as strong. For your homemade air freshener, I recommend experimenting with pine scent, citrus, mint, and lavender.

  2. Glass Sprayer: We recommend a glass sprayer because essential oils can tend to corrode a plastic sprayer. You should be able to find such a sprayer at a local kitchen or home store, and if not, you can easily order one on Amazon: Glass Spray Bottle

  3. Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka: While this isn’t an absolute requirement, it does help to break down the essential oils into a more soluble form making them easier to spray. Add 2 tbs. of alcohol for every cup of water.

  4. Good Water: To prevent that yucky chlorine smell (and because it’s healthier) try using purified water or distilled water.

How To Make & Use Your Healthy Air Freshener

Simply mix the ingredients together in the glass sprayer with the portions listed above. Shake well before you spray and enjoy the wonderful fragrance (without feeling the guilt of using toxic air fresheners).

You can also spray your new air freshener on fabric and furniture. Just make sure to do a test-spot in an inconspicuous location to make sure there are no adverse reactions to fabric.

Of course, this homemade spray is not a replacement for removing indoor air pollution!

You still need a good air purifier to remove the hazardous chemicals which exists in 98% of homes in USA. But using essential oils in a spray is great way to compliment the benefits of using an air purifier.

Author: marykay

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