Fight the coronavirus with NASA Trusted ultraviolet light technology


Hospitals, schools, and military bases now use new technologies that harness ultraviolet light to fight against Covid-19. Surprisingly, you too can use these exact same methods in your home and office to protect yourself and the people you love.

Here’s the problem…

As I’m sure you already know, Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus which has rapidly spread throughout the world.

The tricky part is when people first get sick, they can be asymptomatic. They feel fine. They go places and do things. They work, shop, visit friends and they carry and spread their germs around before they even feel sick.

Once they start feeling sick, they have possibly infected countless people and places. This is a major reason why staying healthy and germ free is very hard.

Some virologists estimate about 40 percent of virus transmission comes from asymptomatic people.

Covid-19 Infection Can Happen Anywhere

spreading virusm

You DO NOT have to be in a hospital, school, or daycare center to have significant exposure to this plaguing illness. Covid-19 can easily find its way into your home or office.

Covid-19 can linger for hours in a room when even a single person coughs, sneezes, or talks. According to Harvard Medical School, aerosolized coronavirus can remain in the air for up to three hours, capable of infecting anyone who breathes in the virus.

According the CDC and WebMD, Coronavirus can live on a surface from "hours to days."

When an infected person talks, coughs or sneezes, tiny droplets containing the virus can land on surfaces, like furniture and counters. Hours or days later, when someone touches that surface, then touches their face, they become instantly infected.

All it takes is one sick friend or relative visiting your home. Or maybe it’s one infected person that walks into your office or small business.

Next thing you know, you are sick. Someone you love is sick. Maybe your employees or customers are sick and pass it on to their loved ones. Then you must deal with the disaster.

These are no doubt challenging times, but I have some good news for you:

You can dramatically reduce your risk of being infected with Coronavirus

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that Germicidal Ultraviolet Light can eliminate viruses in indoor air and on the surfaces of a room.

As a result, there is a rush to use ultraviolet light as a solution in the fight against Covid-19. In the United States, these purification systems are now being installed in hospitals and other critical areas.

South Korea uses ultraviolet light in 75% of their hospitals, schools, and military bases. Many experts believe this is a factor in how South Korea was able to contain Covid-19 better than other countries.

Fortunately, you do not have to be a hospital, school, or military base to take advantage of germicidal ultraviolet light.

Affordable purifiers are becoming available for homeowners and small business owners.

There are several ways you can use ultraviolet light to fight germs. But while ultraviolet light alone is a powerful germicidal solution, it has its limitations:

  1. Ultraviolet light, alone, must “see” something to be able to purify it. The UV light must be directly shining on a space or surface for any purification to occur. UV light alone cannot go into crevasses or around corners in your home.

  2. UV light is very harmful to the eyes and skin, much like an arc welder. It is not safe nor practical to have humans exposed to UV light for long periods of time. This purification can only be used when people and pets are not present.

Introducing Photocatalytic Oxidation – all the benefits of straight UV light, but none of the risks

virus air purifier

First made popular by scientists at NASA, this purification method, also called PCO, does use a germicidal ultraviolet light. BUT instead of shining the light onto an area, the light is aimed at a target that is built inside the case of a purifier. This design and process creates chemical/electrical activity in the air of your home.

Just stick with me here…

In the air purifier, when the special light shines onto a special surface, a photochemical reaction occurs which creates an army of nano-sized soldiers.

pco air purifier

This may sound crazy, but, without a noisy fan, these nano-sized “freedom fighters” swarm into the air of your home. They literally seek out and destroy viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants.

How does this work? Electrical forces and naturally occurring air currents in your home carry these purification particles throughout your home. They travel in the air and go into crevasses and around corners.

This process is the same process that causes the smell of fish cooking in your kitchen to reach into other far off areas of your home, even in a closed off room.

It’s a little tricky to explain and understand (trust me on this one), but what’s important about Photocatalytic Oxidation: IT WORKS!

According to scientific studies from NASA, Kansas State University, University of Colorado, and countless other sources:

Photocatalytic Oxidation (or PCO) can remove up to 99% of viruses in the air of a room. It can also destroy viruses on indoor surfaces, such as children’s toys, tables, and walls.

When Photocatalytic Oxidation encounters a virus, it works as a Free Radical and tears down cell walls of the virus converting it into harmless water vapor.

Common Examples for fighting Covid-19 with a PCO Air Purifier:

better than hepa filter

Visiting Guests:A friend or family member comes over to visit. They feel fine. They’re sick but don’t know it. They spend time with you and your family. Germs are spread everywhere: pets, toys, dishes, cups, light-switches, and furniture.

It’s the perfect scenario for you and your family to be sick, out of commission for weeks, out of school, and maybe lost wages. But if your indoor air at home is continually being purified, virus-causing contaminants are being reduced. You reduce the risk of anyone getting infected.

better than hepa filter

When Traveling: It’s no fun to think about. But, in a hotel room bed, only a thin bed sheet separates you from all the people who have used this bed before you. The air purifier allows you to sanitize the entire hotel room, including contaminants on the bed.

You simply turn the purifier to deep-cleaning mode, pull the bedspread back, and go grab a bite to eat. When you come back, you can rest well. Your entire room has been super-sanitized, reducing your exposure to viruses, bacteria, and other nasty contaminants.

air purifier for viruses

At the small business: You may have a busy reception area or conference room frequented by people throughout the day. Maybe your business involves your customers touching the surfaces of your business location, such as in a gym or yoga studio.

In your workplace, the air purifier gives you confidence. You know the risk of virus exposure is reduced. You can alert your customers on Facebook or post a sign on your front door stating that your business is protected. Your customers will feel safe because you have taken extra protective measures for them.

air purifier for bacteria

In the office:You have an air purifier on your desk at work. A well-meaning, asymptomatic coworker stops to talk, hands you a file, and leans an infected hand on your desk. Or maybe they let out that uncontrollable sneeze (which is like a siren going off these days).

Your air filtration system will attack and kill the germs they left on your surfaces and in the air of your office. It’s always working to sanitize the air and surfaces of your small business.

photocatalytic air purifier

In the car: Maybe you give a friend or a coworker a ride home. They sneeze, or you find out later they are sick. Your car is full of hard to reach places. No worries. With a portable air purifier, you simply park the car and power the unit with an extension cord and set the purifier to deep-cleaning mode overnight.

The purifier will penetrate the fabric and find its way into tricky crevasses, sanitizing and reducing the chances of the virus lingering on the surfaces. The next day, you’ll feel safer in your car and you get to enjoy the new fresh air created by the air purifier.

pco air purifier

With Small Personal Items: When you leave the safety of your home, you are likely to encounter environments that spread coronavirus germs. You touch a doorknob, a debit card pad at the grocery store, a gas station pump handle – then you touch your car keys, your wallet, or your phone. Your personal items are now surface carriers of Covid-19.

When you arrive home, simply place your car keys, phone, wallet, and other small items in the area right around the purifier. These items will receive an extra dose of purification, reducing the chances of spreading contamination.

Are You Feeling Skeptical This Will Work For You?

I get it. The whole concept of using Photocatalytic Oxidation is mind-blowing. Even when presented with all the research, people still ask me how a little box can really purify their home or office.

But my opinion on the success of this technology doesn’t matter that much. What’s important is that NASA trusts PCO technology enough to rely on it in Deep Space Missions. We’re talking about technology which is used to KEEP ASTRONAUTS ALIVE by providing them with clean, purified air.

When NASA speaks, the WISE MAN listens.

That’s what sold me on the technology when I first heard about it years ago. NASA has always been known as an organization that employs some of the brightest minds in world. With the help of engineers and product designers, NASA’s research inspired our team to develop the purifier we now offer today.

The VisionRise Air Purifier – Proven, Trusted, Reliable

virus air purifier

Developed for over 20 years, our purifier uses a combination of VIRUS-FIGHTING photocatalytic oxidation and needlepoint ionization. Unlike an AIR FILTER, our AIR PURIFIER does not capture the bad stuff in a filter where it can grow and spread. It destroys the contaminants at the source.

And unlike any other PCO air filter we’ve seen, the VisionRise Air Purifier is adjustable to cover from 50 sq feet – 1,500 sq feet.

This purifier can also be set to deep cleaning mode when needed, like after cooking a smelly fish dinner or after someone uses the bathroom; or after you have guests in your home who may be sick. It provides an extra "punch" of purification intensity.

Stay Healthy By Being Proactive – Your Life May Depend On It

Take all the steps recommended by credible health experts: Wearing masks when necessary, washing your hands frequently, limit touching your face, avoid unnecessary physical contact, etc.

But Don’t Stop There

I’ve known several people who have been infected by this virus. Even when it has not been fatal, it proved to be a painful experience. The symptoms can be severe. Being bedridden for days, not being able to tend to your everyday responsibilities is quite a helpless state to be in. Watching a loved one suffering through this sickness is heartbreaking.

A friend of mine who got it couldn’t stand up for 3 days. He had vicious flu symptoms: chills, fevers, stomach issues, headaches. It took him a month to really start feeling normal again. Seems like this black plague hits some people with everything bad, all at once.

Doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to stay safe? To keep the people you care about healthy?

Down the road, don’t regret wishing you had done more – when you’re hit with this sickness, or when someone you love is fighting to be healthy.

Take the extra step to protect you and your family from transmitting this nasty virus. Use Photocatalytic Oxidation as a weapon in the fight against Covid-19. Feel safer knowing your home and office have an extra layer of protection that is always silently working to guard the people that matter to you.

Feel confident knowing the VisionRise Air Purifier uses the same technology trusted by NASA scientists, hospitals, schools, and military bases. See all the details of the VisionRise Air Purifier:

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