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Destroy viruses & other contaminants in your home using NASA proven technology

Developed over 20 years, the VisionRise Air Purifier sanitizes your household air & surfaces for a safer, fresher home

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Advanced purification technologies remove up to 99% of Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Dust, Pollen, and VOC's from the air and surfaces of your home.


Uses same purification method relied upon by hospitals, military facilities, and schools to fight Covid-19 Virus, harmful bacteria, and other pathogens.


The new PowerSlide Control systems allows you to adjust purification strength based on room size, odor level, and other factors.


Instead of struggling to drag contaminants from your whole home into a small filter, our purifier seeks out and destroys the pollution at its source

Why is it important to purify the air in your home?

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  • Like most people, you probably spend 90% of your time indoors. At home and the office, you are constantly breathing indoor air.

  • Most US homes have unacceptable levels of Indoor Air Pollution. An EPA study found indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

  • Most indoor air contains harmful pollutants like mold, dust, and formaldehyde - even worse, viruses and bacteria can remain airborne for hours spreading infections.

  • Indoor Air Pollution is 1,000 times more likely to reach your lungs than outdoor pollution.

  • Indoor air is likely already affecting your health. Half of all modern illnesses are linked to indoor air pollution.

  • Children Are Especially Vulnerable. They spend more time indoors and their bodies are smaller. They inhale more air pollution because they spend more time near the floor.

The VisionRise Air Purifier - engineered to create safer, cleaner, & healthier air

air purifier for viruses and bacteria

Since 1997, our product designers have developed purifiers sold by Dr. Mercola, Doug Kaufmann, Pionair, Shaklee, and others.

The VisionRise Air Purifier uses the most modern purification methods - technology scientifically proven to eliminate stubborn contaminants from the air and surfaces of your home.

You get the peace of mind knowing your home/office is being kept safe and fresh with the VisionRise Air Purifier.

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Key benefits and features

  • Science-driven design removes indoor air pollution up to 99.99%

  • Destroys smaller pollutants (viruses, bacteria, VOCs, mold) which HEPA filters often fail to capture.

  • Helps to sanitize all surfaces of your home, cleaning viruses and bacteria from furniture, clothes, children's toys, etc.

  • Removes odors instead of "masking" them with toxic sprays or fresheners

  • Unlike air filters, purification technology moves around corners and into crevices seeking out pollutants in larger areas of your home.

  • Uses the advanced technologies of Photocatalytic Oxidation and Needlepoint Ionization

  • There is no noisy fan or smelly filters which need constant replacing

  • Easily adjustable to purify areas from 50 square ft. up to 1,500 square ft

See the VisionRise Air Purifier in action

In the following video, you'll see we conducted a smoke test at our manufacturing plant to show you how the VisionRise Air Purifier reduces pollutants in your household air.

Of course, you'll never have smoke this thick in your home!

However, using smoke as an example, this test demonstrates how the VisionRise Air purifier will destroy all kinds of pollutants: bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, VOCs, and more.


Photocatalytic Oxidation: NASA trusted solution to remove toxins from your indoor air

photocatalytic air purifier

The VisionRise Air Purifier relies on Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) as the primary means of purification.

Unlike HEPA Filters and Ionizers, Photocatalytic Oxidation removes the most dangerous pollutants from the air in your home: Bacteria, Viruses, Airborne Mold, Pollen, and VOC's.

In a nutshell, Photocatalytic Oxidation uses a special germicidal ultraviolet light to create an electrical/chemical reaction in the air of your home. It converts contaminated air into clean, safe, fresh-smelling air.

This air purification method was first made popular by several universities and US government agencies.

pco air purifier

University & Governmental Studies

No more allergies, fighting COVID-19, removes pesky odors:


DESTROYS harmful contaminants and odors instead of "containing" the bad stuff in a filter where it can grow and spread:

virus air purifier

VOC's: Volatile Organic Compounds are often the biggest contributor to Indoor Air Pollution. VOC's are present throughout the home and office: cleaning supplies, children's toys, beauty supplies, furniture, plastics, etc.

The VisionRise Air Purifier breaks down VOC's and renders them harmless. You get to breathe air that is fresh and pure - air that doesn't make you and your family sick.

better than hepa filter

Mold: Mold spores will flourish and multiply in your home and office. Spores are airborne and they hide in carpet, behind walls and other surfaces. The VisionRise Air Purifier destroys up to 99% of that mold, so it does not enter your body and cause severe health issues like nose and throat irritation, asthma symptoms, even death.

Attacking mold while it's in the air helps to prevent it from reaching the hidden surfaces of your home, where it would breed and grow.

air purifier for viruses

Viruses And Bacteria: These germs cause the common cold, infections, and are linked to all types of diseases - many of which can be deadly. The VisionRise Air Purifier eliminates airborne bacteria and viruses, converting them back to natural harmless air.

Instead of allowing germs to accumulate in the air of your home, the VisionRise Air Purifier destroys these airborne killers.

air purifier for bacteria

Dust: Not only does dust cause and agitate respiratory illnesses, dust carries molds, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, VOC's and other pollutants through your entire home. Exposure to dust is linked to lung cancer, heart attacks, and premature death.

The VisionRise Air Purifier destroys the toxins in the dust of your indoor air and drops the dust to floor where it can be later cleaned by you. You can finally relax, knowing the air your breath is pure and fresh.

photocatalytic air purifier

Smelly Odors: the VisionRise Air Purifier removes even the worst household odors, often within minutes: pet odors, cigarette smoke, cooking odors, airborne fecal matter, and mustiness from mold.

The VisionRise Air Purifier DOES NOT "mask" these bad smells. It destroys them at the source of the odor. This guarantees the air you breathe into your lungs is truly healthy and fresh AND that your house guests will want to visit you again.

pco air purifier

Pollen: Pollen is sneaky. It finds its way into your home and spikes asthma and allergy symptoms, ruining the joys of springtime.

Your VisionRise Air Purifier will destroy pollen as soon as it enters your home and stop you from feeling sick. You and your family can actually enjoy the flowers that the warmer weather has to bring.

Helps to remove viruses, bacteria, and mold from the surfaces of your home & office

virus on surfaces

Pathogens can remain on surfaces for days, spreading illnesses at home or work. Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) helps destroy all kinds of contaminants hiding on these various surfaces.

These surfaces can include furniture, children's toys, floors, kitchen counters walls, bedroom surfaces, and of course the entire bathroom.

Detailed scientific studies have proven the ability of PCO to destroy pathogens on surfaces. This includes black mold, viruses, bacteria, and a multitude of other contaminants.

Rather than letting harmful (and potentially deadly) pathogens linger on the surfaces of your home, the VisionRise Air Purifier helps to sanitize the areas where you live and work.

For over 60 years, this customer struggled with mold on the surfaces of his bathroom

After nothing else worked, this purifier was able to remove all traces of mold in a short amount of time.

The same PCO purification process which eliminated mold for this customer can also help destroy viruses and bacteria on the surfaces of your home.


The Competition VS. The VisionRise Air Purifier

HEPA type filters consist of a fibrous filter, usually made of fiberglass. In an attempt to capture pollution, household air is drawn through the filter.

There is an ongoing debate if HEPA filters have the ability to truly filter smaller contaminants. It's questionable how well HEPA filters can filter particles below 0.3 microns in size.

Viruses, bacteria, and mold are often much smaller than .3 microns in size. To many people, these smaller contaminants are the most concerning.

These small particles are likely just passing through the HEPA filter, just to get distributed right back into the air of your home, unclean.


air purifier for allergies

Even More Alarming: HEPA filters rely on forcefully drawing air from your home to the appliance, and filtered this air before it's released.

It's questionable if the small motors in these filters can draw air from larger areas of your home - areas like a living room or larger bedroom.

In fact, we're convinced it would take a loud motor the size of a semi-truck engine to effectively filter the air in a large room with a HEPA filter.

air purifier for bacteria

Rather than struggling to draw pollution into a filter, the VisionRise Air Purifier sends out nano-sized particles throughout your home or office. This nanotechnology is able to find pollution where it is and destroy it at the source.

  1. Inside the purifier, a germicidal ultraviolet light shines on a plate containing a titanium dioxide catalyst. This creates the process of Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO). A powerful reaction occurs on a molecular level which creates Hydroxyl Radicals and Super-Oxide Ions. These are negatively charged particles: the good guys that exist within atoms and molecules.

  2. These Negatively charged particles are released into the air of your home and migrate rapidly through doorways and around corners. These nanoparticles seek out organic contaminants, or positively charged particles, like viruses, bacteria, mold, and VOCs. Unlike many air filters, Photocatalytic Oxidation within the VisionRise Air Purifier destroys particles as small as 0.001 microns

  3. Negatively charged particles operate as free radicals to attack pollutants in the air and surfaces of your home, oxidizing them and converting them into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules. Free radicals are what destroy cancer cells in the human body.

If something is too large to destroy (like a larger piece of dust), this technology will eliminate the harmful effects of the particulate then drop it to the floor for later cleaning. This prevents you from breathing these particulates and having them penetrate your lungs, getting absorbed into your bloodstream, your heart and other organs.

air purifier for allergies

A simpler, less technical explanation: Basically, a special light shines onto a special coated surface. This process creates an army of nano-sized soldiers.

These "freedom fighters" swarm into the air of your home seeking out and destroying the bad stuff. What they can't destroy, they sanitize and drop it to your floor, so you don't breathe it into your lungs.

This whole process leaves the household air fresh, healthy and pure.

How purifying technology travels and sanitizes throughout your home

When you turn on the VisionRise Air Purifier, various factors enable the purification to reach air and surface pollution in larger areas of your home or office:

  1. Atoms that contain negatively charged electrons are created by Photocatalytic Oxidation and released from the purifier.

  2. These negatively charged particles are "magnetically attracted" to positively charged particles. This attraction is what compels the negative ions (the good guys) to find and attach themselves to pollutants (the bad guys) in the air of your home.

  3. The air in your home may seem silently still. But in all reality, there are currents moving and exchanging air throughout your household. These currents are created by different things, like the opening and closing of doors.

  4. Electrical appliances (TVs, Refrigerators, etc.) often create the strongest air currents in a home or office environment. Each appliance radiates heat, often in a fluctuating manner. These small (but important) fluctuations in temperature move air through your home.

  5. Negatively charged particles combined with air currents in your home move the pacification technology over large areas in your living environment. This allows the VisionRise Air Purifier to seek out and destroy pollution at its source over a large area, compared to typical air filters.

photocatalytic air purifier

Still not convinced? Test it yourself. Cook a big smelly fish on the stove in your kitchen. Give it a few minutes and go to a far area of your home. You'll smell the fish.

The same process which moves the fish smell through your home is the same process which carries the purifying technology of the VisionRise Air Purifier throughout larger indoor areas.

The bottom line: To fight indoor air pollution, you can try to drag all the air in your home back into a little box that contains a fan and a filter...

Or, you can take a more effective approach: Use the VisionRise Air Purifier to send out millions of nano-sized particles throughout your home, every minute, which seek out pollution and destroy it at the source.

Get Relief knowing that PCO technology eliminates household odors

virus air purifier

Most air filters and purifiers do not completely remove household odors. Many filters can only capture particulates 0.3 microns or larger. Unfortunately, most particulates and gases that cause the nasty odors are much smaller than 0.3 microns.

The Photocatalytic Oxidation in the VisionRise Air Purifier oxidizes particles as small as 0.001 microns. Because PCO can destroy these smaller particles, even the peskiest odors are removed in your home: human odors, pet odors, smoke, mustiness, and food odors.

Photocatalytic Oxidation’s meticulous attention to these tiny particles also accomplishes the removal of airborne mold, pollen, viruses, bacteria, and VOC's. This is why Photocatalytic Oxidation is such a powerful air purification option.

photocatalytic air purifier

Needlepoint Ionization: removes larger pollutants from your air before they reach your lungs

Sometimes called Negative Ion Generators or Needlepoint Ionizers, this purifying technology creates an electrical field in your home charged with negative ions.

These ions venture out from the VisionRise Air Purifier and are attracted to airborne particles like dust and pollen. The ions attach to these particles, dropping them to the floor where you can vacuum them or sweep them up later.

The VisionRise Air Purifier uses Needlepoint Ionization because it does a phenomenal job of removing larger particles from the air.

Combined with the anti-pathogen sanitizing power of Photocatalytic Oxidation, Needlepoint Ionization eliminates larger particles making your household air healthier and cleaner.

air purifier for large rooms

Control the air purification strength according to your needs

pco air purifier

Viruses and other pathogens can linger in the air and on surfaces for hours. If your home or office is frequented by people who may be sick, more purification strength may be required to help prevent the spread of contagions.

Different areas in your home require stronger levels of air purification. Food in your kitchen is exposed to airborne contaminants, increasing the risk of spreading pathogens. Kitchen odors can also be a nuisance, especially with foods like onions or fish.

We all know bathroom odors can be EMBARASSING. But what's even worse? Your toothbrushes, towels and other personal items become contaminated each time the bathroom is used.

Several other factors also influence how much purification strength is needed:

  • If your floor is wood or carpet

  • Type of furniture

  • If you have curtains

  • Cigarette smoke

  • If you have pets

  • Home ventilation system

better than hepa filter

The PowerSlide Control System in the VisionRise Air Purifiers lets YOU easily control the purification strength. By simply moving the Power Slide to a higher or lower position, you can treat areas ranging 50 sq. ft. up to 1,500 sq. ft.

You can adjust the purifier to combat temporary contaminants. If a sick person visits your home, or you discover some mold in the bathroom, use the Deep Cleaning Mode. This setting provides an extra dose of purification, removing pathogens, mold, and VOC's from the Air and Surfaces of your home.

Also great for eliminating odors: Right after you cook that delicious, strong smelling meal, just set the purifier to a more powerful level. Then back down again when the smell is gone. You do the same thing after someone uses the bathroom.

photocatalytic oxidation air purifier

You won't need it, but we offer a 100% money-back guarantee

We are confident you will find the VisionRise Air Purifier a powerful solution for eliminating airborne pollution and odors in your home. At the same time, if for any reason you don't feel this purifier meets your needs, you can send it back to us for a full refund within 30-days of your purchase.

We know you will love the VisionRise Air Purifier, but you are welcome to test the product yourself.

Covid-19 Notice: In multiple studies, the PCO technology used in the VisionRise Air Purifier has been proven to destroy viruses up to 99.99%. PCO technology is being used in hospitals, military facilities, and schools as a layer of protection against Covid-19. This technology has been proven to eliminate other viruses, but not Covid-19 specifically. Based on our knowledge and experience with our purifier, we believe the PCO technology in the VisionRise purifier is highly capable of providing an additional layer of defense towards Covid-19. At the same time, this purifier is not a substitute for standard preventative measures. We encourage you to follow the advice of health and government experts.