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Promoting Various Features

People like free things, they like to share with others of like mind, and they like to educate themselves about topics of interest. We provide all of these opportunities for visitors on our site - many of them free of charge.

As a VisionRise Affiliate, instead of just directly promoting one of our commission paying products with your affiliate links, you'll likely do much better by promoting the other attractive free resources on our website.

Every free resource (blog, article, guide, etc.) we offer introduces our visitors to our paid services - services which give you Affiliate Commissions. We constantly acquire new customers through our free resources. All these resources get visitors in the perfect mindset for purchasing one of our products.

We aren't pushy or misleading in our marketing approach. After learning more about us and the benefits of our products, people tend to feel more comfortable making a purchase. It's a simple fact!

You can try it yourself: promote one of our fee-based products directly and also promote one of our catchy free resources. Then you can see which one does better. You can monitor your Marketing Statistics in your Affiliate Dashboard Area to track and compare the activity of both approaches.

To promote any of our services or features, simply go into the Affiliate Link Area and copy and paste the link of your choice. To avoid copying links, you can also use our Social Media Share Buttons and promote any of our features on your favorite social media site.

Suggestions For Promoting Various Features

Of course, you can promote our blogs and guides themselves, but you can also Promote All The Articles Within Our Blog/Each Guide.

Promoting blog post/articles in this way gives you a greater amount of unique content to share with your subscribers/followers. Each blog post or article you share is something new and fresh for your subscribers/followers - and they will appreciate you more if you take this approach.

Promoting all the articles within our blog/guides is especially helpful if you are only using Social Sharing Buttons to share in your social media accounts. We suggest you trickle one article at time, over a period of time.

For example, you can post one blog post from the VisionRise Blog on one day, and then three days later, you post another post from our blog. This is better than posting ALL THE BLOG POSTS on the same day.

Trickling articles in this way allows you to introduce our content over a longer period of time without overloading your followers. Sharing single pieces of content over a longer period of time Will Always Work Better than sharing everything at once.

To get started, you can access all posts from our blog on our Main Blog Page

It may seem complex, but this is all a really simple process

Our suggestion is to jump in get started. You'll discover how easy it is to use the available resources so you can become a better affiliate.

Of course, if you get stuck on any part of this process or if you have additional questions, we are here to help. Simply ask your questions in a Support Ticket

* This is just a start for the features we offer for promotion - We have more to come soon. Keep checking back for updates.