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No Technical Skills? No Problem!

With your smartphone, you can use the social sharing buttons on our website (Facebook, etc.) instead of copying and pasting affiliate links. This can also be accomplished on a laptop or desktop computer. Your affiliate account is automatically integrated into the sharing buttons on

You simply click the buttons to share our services or helpful articles to your favorite social media account (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). After seeing your shared link, when someone visits our website and makes a purchase, you receive a commission.

Because you are reading this now, you are already logged into to your VisionRise Member account and your Affiliate Account is already set up and active. You are ready to start earning commissions.

Step By Step Example

Let's look at an example of how you can easily use our Social Sharing Buttons to make affiliate sales. In this example, we are going to share a blog post to Facebook. Along with giving your Facebook followers an informative article, this blog post also introduces them to our VisionRise Air Purifier. You can make high affiliate commissions by sharing this purifier.

Even if a customer isn't ready to purchase the VisionRise Air Purifier, the blog post also encourages them to sign up to our free newsletter course. This free course gives them more great articles and videos - and VisionRise Air Purifier is promoted within the email course. With our sophisticated website tracking, even if they purchase the VisionRise Air Purifier 6 months after signing up to our newsletter, you still get a commission.

Let's get started. Here is an example of how you could share a blog article and get affiliate commissions:

1. Login & Confirm You Are Logged Into Your VisionRise Account

To receive affiliate commissions by using the sharing buttons on our website, you must be logged in to your VisionRise Account. You can reach the login page by clicking on the login button/link anywhere on our website:

Desktop Version:

Smartphone Version (1st step):

Smartphone Version (2nd step):

1b. To confirm you are logged in, click the "Account" button/link on any page of our website:

Desktop Version:

Smartphone Version (1st step):

Smartphone Version (2nd step):

If you are taken to your VisionRise Account, this is an indication you are logged into our website and all sharing buttons will now work as affiliate links for you.

2. Find Something You Want To Share

On our website, you will find blog posts, articles, and products - all of which can be easily shared by you in your shocial media accounts. You will likely find that blog posts and articles are better to share, as your social media friends won't feel like you are trying to push a product down thier throat.

After learning more about VisionRise and the benefits of our products, people tend to feel more comfortable making a purchase. It's a simple fact! See more about this concept in Promoting Various Features

When we navigate to the blog post "Keep yourself healthy – Fight the coronavirus with NASA Trusted ultraviolet light technology" we see these share buttons near the top of the page (we have circled the share button in red to make it super clear what you need to click):

3. Click The Share Button And Post To Your Social Media Account

When you click on the Facebook share button, you should get a similar Facebook popup as shown in our example here. Notice how we included a catchy little message instead of "just" sharing the blog posts?

When you share using these buttons, your VisionRise Affiliate information is embedded in the post that you share. You don't have to do anything else.

When someone clicks the article link within your social media account and comes to our site and makes a purchase, you get an affiliate commission.

Important: On the desktop version above, you see the Share Buttons circled in red. But you also see the "Connect With Us" buttons at the very bottom of the page. Do Not click the "Connect With Us" buttons if you are attempting to to share something from our website to get affiliate commissions. The ""Connect With Us" button leads to VisionRise's social media accounts and have nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

3. Check Your Statistics

Once you share a few VisionRise articles, blog posts, and services, let some time pass by and then go over to the Statistics Area of your affiliate account and see what kind of response you are getting from your social media marketing. See how many visits you are getting from your followers and more importantly, keep track of how many commissions you are getting from sales.

It's that easy. There are really no other steps you have to take. If you have a large social media following, even sharing a couple blog posts occasionally can bring in consistent commissions. Once a month, you can look forward to being paid for your efforts.

What Can You Share Using Social Media Buttons?

Important: Many of our website pages do not have social media sharing buttons at the top of the page. But if you scroll down to very bottom of page, you will find the sharing buttons which have your embedded affiliate links.

Here are some of the different services and free features you can share using Social Sharing Buttons (each link opens in a new window).

Follow-Up Marketing

Just because you post an article to your social media sites doesn't mean you can't share the same article again. If you get a great response from an article (views, commissions), wait a while and share the article again.

Depending on how active you are in your social media accounts, it might be fine to wait 2 or 3 months to repost the article (using the same social sharing buttons on

When re-sharing articles, it might help to write a different message to your followers such as:

In case you missed this, here is a great article about...

Re-sharing articles is a great way to keep the momentum going and to keep those affiliate commissions coming to you. Along with re-sharing articles, keep an idea on the VisionRise Blog. We often post new blog posts which will give you fresh content to share.

If you have any questions about using our Social Sharing Buttons or anything else about our Affiliate Program, don't hesitate to Contact Us