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The following links are helpful if you are copying and pasting affiliate links in social media sites or if you are using affiliate links in email marketing. If you own your website or blog, you will likely benefit more from our HTML link options: HTML Affiliate Link

Note: If you don't have a website or you don't want to bother with affiliate links, see the Using Share Buttons section. This method allows you to automatically post affiliate promotions to your favorite social media sites without having to copy and paste affiliate links.

You can also generate custom affiliate links by copying and pasting a link from a page on our site into the following URL Generator. Then, you simply use the link which is created.

You can also easily create your own affiliate links for any page on our website using our alternative method: Custom Affiliate Links

Your Affiliate Links

The following links are unique to you as a VisionRise Affiliate. These links are specifically attached to your affiliate account so you can copy and paste the following links for your affiliate promotions.

VisionRise Air Purifier:

VisionRise Shower Filter:

VisionRise IceMate:

VisionRise Air Purifier Replacement Module:

* To use the above links, only copy and paste the areas highlighted in blue.

This Is Only The Start!

There are so many other powerful features within our website you can promote. For example, we encourage you to sign up to our free guides yourself. This will give you access to dozens of additional articles you can promote as a VisionRise Affiliate. Of course, the articles in our guides introduce our products to subscribers.

In fact, the articles in our free guides are more likely to generate commissions for you compared to other areas of our website. Some of our best articles and videos are contained in these guides, so make sure you don't miss out on these opportunities. You can sign-up for all of our free guides here:

Manage Your Features

Once you start getting the articles within our free guides, you can easily promote these using the built-in Social Sharing Buttons, you can create Custom Links to these articles, or you can use the URL Generator below to easily create custom affiliate links.

And of course, don't forget the VisionRise Blog. Our blog contains dozens of attractive articles you can promote.