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We've worked hard to create this valuable list of Affiliate Marketing Steps. This is primarily for website owners, but there are some good points made here for all affiliates.

This is your Owner's Manual for getting the results you want. Get acquainted with it now and then keep coming back for updates. We're constantly making improvements and adding new options. Let's get started:

  • Do More Than Just Put Up An Affiliate Link On Your Site: For this method to have much success, you've got to have thousands of visitors to your website every day. You reap what you sow - Concentrate on more marketing: writing articles, promoting our various features, e-mail newsletters, joint ventures, pay-per-click search engines, ebooks, ad swaps, etc.

  • Be Personal: When appropriate, give your personal comments, introductions, recommendations, and descriptions to our features/products. Your visitors value your expertise and judgment. They will be more likely to make purchases if you provide comments or recommendations about what you're promoting.

  • Keep Your Focus on Your Website Traffic: The amount of traffic you are pulling into your website/e-mail newsletter usually determines the number of sales you generate (the commissions you'll earn). Throughout our Affiliate Help Area, you'll see tips to build successful Web sites, increase traffic, and other valuable advice.

  • Keep Your Focus On Just A Couple Affiliate Programs: Focus on one or two key programs and then market other Affiliate Programs through back-end references (articles, e-mail newsletters, etc). Putting together a string of Affiliate Links on a page is usually not a good idea. Concentrate more on developing information areas or ebooks with a logical, systematic use of Affiliate Links. Make sure your Affiliate Links complement each other, not compete with each other.

  • Create Your Own Advertisements: You know the visitors that come to your site better than anyone else. Focus on the strongest selling points, stress the benefits, catch the visitors attention. You can get some great ideas by exploring our Marketing Approach

  • Invest Time And Money In Your Affiliate Program: Purchase e-mail newsletters ads and bid on keywords at the pay-per-click search engines. Create ebooks specifically to promote one or two programs. Work on building your Affiliate Business, not just making a couple quick sales. When you make $50, $25 (or more), invest it back into your Affiliate Marketing.

  • Don't Give Up: Many either expect too much, or they expect results too quickly. Give our program time to bring in commissions. Don't just jump from program to program.

  • Keep Your Website Speedy: How fast your website operates (opens, etc.) is very important to most visitors, if not the most important factor. Graphics and video enhance the look of your pages but take away from their speed. Use graphics and video sparingly and try to optimize them to cut their loading time. Use tools like gtmetrix to analyze and improve your website performance.

  • Create Reviews For Our Products: If you have a website or e-mail newsletter, you can create reviews of our products. You may be able to do this on other people's sites. This is a great alternative to just placing a link or banner in an obscure location on your site. A review adds more of a personal touch and encourages more visitor action, which of course, leads to more affiliate commissions. Affiliate Review Tutorial

  • Offer Free Articles From Others and/or Submit Your Articles To Others: You can publish articles/reports on your site/e-mail newsletters that others have created, usually for free. You can also submit articles/reports you create for others to publish on their sites/e-mail newsletters. You simply Insert Deep Affiliate Links into these articles/reports. You can also just mention the service you're promoting in a short 5-7 line Biography at the end of the article. What's more effective, is to offer an incentive (as mentioned before) in the Resource Box.

  • Get The Most From Your Affiliate Links: In the world of Affiliate Links, you can keep it simple or be an expert. Learn to modify Text Affiliate Links so you can control what your site/e-mail visitors see. Learn the best locations to place them. This guide will get you going in the right direction. Affiliate Links Tutorial

  • Promote The Various Features We Offer: Why limit yourself to directly promoting just one of our commission paying products with your affiliate ads? Your visitors will usually enjoy coming into our site more through one of the many other features we offer. We have Free Online Exercises, A Large Online Community, Educational Articles, and more. All these features introduce visitors to our products which give you Affiliate Commissions. See  Promoting Various Features

  • Create Bonuses: Offer something free along with our Affiliate product/service you are promoting. Consider offering a free e-book, e-mail newsletter subscription, auto-responder course, article, report, etc. Create an irresistible offer. Create a sales webpage that lets your visitors know what you are giving away. Make your offer visible (place it on several pages in your website).

  • Take Advantage Of Social Media Sites, Forums, And Blogs: Whether you have your own website/blog or not, social marketing is an important skill to develop if you are serious about affiliate marketing. Blatant advertising is rarely accepted, but oftentimes social media sites do allow you to provide topics, articles and other useful information. Just check before you post. Scan through the messages at your favorite communities. The messages that have numerous responses are hot topics. Join these discussions for quick exposure. For more details, see our Social Sharing Guide

  • Clean Up Your Affiliate Links: We already provide affiliate link cloaking/masking for you, as you will notice when you view your links in the Affiliate Dashboard. But you can even make your links look better, especially if you have your own website or blog. To learn how to do this, see our Custom Affiliate Links Tutorial

  • Give Others Reprint Rights To Resources You Create: Everyone wants to gain the rights to reports, ebooks, products, courses, articles, etc. that they can resell to others for additional streams of income. Develop one of these resources. Throughout the resource (article, ebooks, etc), provide links to our Affiliate Program. Allow anyone who ever gets their hands on your valuable resource to sell or give it away. Soon, that resource (if it's a good one) will be in the hands of hundreds, even thousands of potential customers. And every time it is given away, your Affiliate Links are strategically in place within the resource.

  • Take Advantage Of Back-end Opportunities: On your website's "thank you" webpage (which is displayed after a customer makes a sale), offer customers Affiliate Links. Offer them your back-end Affiliate Products that are related to the purchase they just made. Also, on your "thank you for subscribing to my newsletter" webpage, put an affiliate link at the top and a recommendation for an Affiliate Product immediately beneath the "thank you." Or, you might want to put a brief paragraph about your free incentive along with a link to the webpage.

  • Ask Us For Guidance: We offer Strong Affiliate Support from our team of experts. Let us answer any questions you have about Affiliate Marketing. We're here to help you: Contact Us.