Affiliate Help – Overview

Affiliate Dashboard Area

Affiliate Account Overview

Once you log in to your Affiliate Account (as you are now), you can get your affiliate links and check your marketing/sales statistics. When you are logged in your account, what you see is what we refer to as the Affiliate Dashboard Area. When you login, all the information in your account will be unique to you (affiliate links, statistics, etc).

Before you jump into affiliate marketing as a VisionRise Affiliate, it's good that you get acquainted with the Affiliate Dashboard Area. You can access all the features of your affiliate account through the Affiliate Account Menu. Here is a detailed explanation of each section of your account which is accessible throughout the Affiliate Account Menu:

Dashboard: This is your affiliate account start page. Just like when using the Affiliate Menu, you can access all the main features of your account.

Statistics: Track your results as an affiliate. See how many visitors you are generating and see how many sales over time you are achieving.

Sales: This should be the most favorite area of your affiliate account. See what you have recently earned and track your affiliate commissions over a period of time. Find a record of you affiliate payouts, and more.

Settings: From here you can update how you will receive payments. Make sure to choose the proper option so we can pay you when you receive commissions.

Links: This is where you will find your affiliate URLs used to promote traffic to VisionRise. Use these links on your site, social media accounts, emails, and more.

Sites: If you have a website, make sure to submit your site in the "Site" area. This will allow you to promote affiliate traffic from your site without ever having to use an affiliate link. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Help: This is where you are now. Affiliate training resources which show you how to make affiliate marketing easy and successful.

Terms: Here, you will find the Terms & Conditions for the VisionRise Affiliate Program. Don't overlook this. Make sure you are familiar with our terms.

Depending on how successful you want to be, affiliate marketing should be an ongoing process. If you are marketing in social media sites or blogs of others, you can continue to hunt down good sites, sign up as a new member, and continue to make new posts.

If you own a successful website/blog, then you can continue to build up your VisionRise Affiliate Empire by taking steps like promoting our various products and offering educational articles with embedded affiliate links. You can use any combination of Text Links, Email Links, etc. from any combination of products.

So in a nutshell, this is the process of VisionRise Affiliate Marketing. We encourage you to explore this process in greater detail through the resources offered in this section of our site. A good place to start is the Affiliate Help Page and explore the different training options: Go There Now